Serve Authentic Cajun Food to Your Guests in Midland, TX

Throwing a Fais Do-Do?

Down South Seafood is proud to serve authentic Cajun food in the Midland, TX area. Our tasty cuisine pays homage to our rich culture filled with flavor, flair and pride. We're eager to share our unique background with you and your guests at your upcoming event. Choose from our menu of frog legs, alligator, seafood and turtle - all slathered to the bone with Cajun seasoning.

Try Cajun food made by a true Cajun. Call now to place your order.

Cajun-born and proud

If you haven't tried Cajun food, then you're missing out. Being that this is your first rodeo, we'll let you slide. But before you dig in, keep these tips in mind:

  • Newspapers are mandatory for seafood boils, never optional
  • Suck the yellow goodness out of your crawfish's head - trust us
  • If you don't want to slap ya' mama after the first bite, it ain't Cajun

Our restaurant's owner is picky about his food. If he doesn't approve it, we don't sell it.

Order authentic Cajun food for your event in Midland, TX.